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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  October 7, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. [captioning made possible by group]lation energy >> good morning and welcome to 11 news sunday morning, i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. first we will look outside with meteorologist tony pann. >> i think the weather is one of the top story today. quite a change. a couple of days ago it was 81 degrees. now it's freezing. >> today it's stuck in the 50.
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the average high this time of year is 70 degrees and we will probably only make it up to 55, 15 degrees below average. right now it's 51 at the airport. we have light rain to contend with this morning. the rain is not the big deal, a nuisance during the day tapering off late this afternoon and this evening. but temperatures will feel more like football weather. off-and-on rain showers today, the high around 55 degrees. game-time temperatures to start will be in the 50's. by the time the game ends, tell probably be in the 40's but at least the rain will be gone late this afternoon, this evening. we will talk more about that and check the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> our big story this morning, a huge sunday for baltimore sports fans beginning with the ravens
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taking on the kansas city chiefs at arrowhead. >> that game is at 1:00 but something big happening tonight is something we haven't seen in this area in 15 years. we are talking orioles baseball in october. game one of the american league divisional playoff series gets underway tonight as the o's take on the new york yankees. buck showalter has tapped jason hammel to take the mound tonight against the yankees' ace, c.c. sabathia. this year against the birds, sabathia hasn't seemed like much of an ace with an 0-2 record in three starts at camden yards. the game time is 6:00. the players certainly not the only ones getting ready for tonight's big game. as george lettis explains, so are the fans who have waited a decade and a half to enjoy this ride. >> camden yards is getting dressed up for playoff pageantry. the buntings in the warehouse and all along the stands in foul territory. the postseason sign was painted in the grass and shows up all over the ballpark. national television crews are setting up cameras along the lower and upper decks, allowing
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viewers to see more angles of the game. all this preparation started hours after fans went crazy after friday night's win. by saturday's daylight, it was still the talk of the town. >> it's a good thing for the city. we were out last night. everyone was going wild. i haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens games or 1997. >> this local sportswear design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the racks for eager fans. >> we know it's going to be crazy before we got here 7:00 in the morning, people were waiting to open up. we open up at 8:00. but we opened up early. we will probably stay late. >> bars and restaurants have begun setting up barriers for the crowds that won't be in the ballpark for sunday's game. security experts are strategizing for what will be a busy beginning of the week. it will seem like opening day all over again. >> opening day is pretty large needless to say and we are hoping it will be a miniature opening day. we are expecting a big turnout.
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>> pickles pub and area businesses expect to cash in. >> i had months to plan for opening day. i have 24 hours to plan for this. it's exciting. if you're going to have a problem, that's a good problem to have. >> george lettis, wbal. >> state health officials have identified a third patient who developed meningitis after receiving a tainted steroid injection last month. no specific information will be released about that patient but the department of health and hygiene confirms the case on saturday. nationwide, the centers for disease control says the outbreak has spread to more than 60 people across nine states. two of those cases were in maryland and one was fatal. >> baltimore city police are investigating an overnight shooting in northeast baltimore. officers received a call just before 4:00 a.m. sending them to the 3400 block of dudley avenue. that's where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. no word on his condition this morning. anne arundel county police found
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50-year-old nick guttleman sr. in the 6000 block of richie highway just after 9:00 friday night after being involved in a fight. he was rushed to the hospital and died later that night. the cause of death was not immediately determined but police are investigating this as a homicide and are asking anyone with information to give them a call. baltimore city police have identified the officers involved in a pursuit that ended with gunfire early thursday. 17-year veteran stephen sistek and four-your veteran steven dorn were called to the 1500 block of east lanvale street. police say the suspect pulled a gun and one of the officers shot and missed the suspect. he ran but was later arrested. the two officers are on administrative leave. >> a veteran coach at the baltimore aquatic club has resigned after allegations of inappropriate conduct with a female athlete more than 30 years ago. according to the "baltimore sun," the club reported the unidentified coach to swimming authorities after they became aware of the allegation last
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fall. the alleged incident happened back in 1975. the club contacted baltimore county authorities. it's unclear if charges have been filed. hundreds of student protestors held a rally at the university of maryland college park yesterday in support of the state's dream act. >> up, up for education! >> down, down for deportation. >> the dream act is the controversial ballot question that, if approved, would allow in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants. those immigrants would have to attend a maryland high school for at least three years and prove they or their parents pay state taxes. opponents say the law would be a financial burden on the state. they collected signatures to force the issue on to the november ballot. a recent poll of more than 800 registered voters found that 58% support the measure and 34% oppose it. >> hundreds of volunteers were hard at work in baltimore saturday for the annual day of service. the annual ricky myers day of service is run by the non-profit civic works, the 10th year for the event. volunteers helped plant gardens, clean up parks and sort through donated goods.
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>> the main focus of our day and focus of ricky myers life was to celebrate volunteerism and that's what makes a day like today when 400 of us get together really special. >> since its inception, close to 30,000 people have volunteered with civic works. >> a good day for it yesterday. time right now, 9:08. 51 degrees at the airport. a little later, if you'd like to keep more of your pennsylvania check, we have tips to help you hang on to hard earned cash for the upcoming tax season. >> bees have been producing honey in the shades of blue and green. >> we have a cold rain falling out there right now. we will let you know what to expect if you're going to the o's game.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather
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plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> we've had quite a change in the weather the last couple of days. a couple of days ago it was in the 80's. it's 51 right now at the airport and won't get much warmer in the afternoon. the rain will stick around much of the day, tapering off this evening. first here's the weather setup in the upper levels of the atmosphere. the jet stream digging down to south on the east coast through the carolinas. whenever the jet stream is south of us, you know it will be chilly in baltimore. we have disturbances traveling along in the jet stream giving us a chance of rain off and on through the next seven days and one going through today with rain showers. 51 at the airport, 48 in westminster and 49 in parkton, probably only adding a few degrees through the afternoon. last night, temperatures dropped into the 40's and low 50's but now clouds have moved in, acting
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as insulation from the sunshine. in addition, we have pretty solid rain showing up on h.d. doppler, not heavy rain, i call it light to moderate, but instead across most of the area except in the eastern shore counties. so the forecast today, mostly cloudy, rain showers likely, chilly. the high temperature around 55. the average high is 70 so 15 degrees below average. if you're going to the game, they'll probably start with temperatures in the low 50's downtown. in the city it's warmer in these situations so low 50's to start the game and most of the rain gone. by the end of the game, dropping into the 40's so dress warm if you're going to the game but i think rain will be too much of a problem this evening. maybe a sprivergle late in the day tomorrow. 60's on tuesday, near 70 on wednesday but that's probably the warmest day of the week,
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back into the 60's through the early part of next weekend. >> a new england pumpkin grower just mussed setting a new world record saturday but he already set the record he's trying to beat a week ago. ron wallace was named the champ with a pumpkin weighing nearly 2,000 pounds. the pumpkin weighed in at 2,009 pounds last week. >> bees in france are producing ugly colored honey and m&m's may be to blame. keepers noticed the honey was shades of blue and green and believe that it's the color processed at a local m&m's plant.
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that honey is not being sold. >> they should sell it. >> i know. m&m and the honey processors need to get together. >> honey m&m's. still plenty of news ahead this morning, first, a look at events going on around town. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment...
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>> welcome back. the time is 9:17 and that means it's time for our sunday business report. we have been hearing a lot about the approaching financial cliff. shelly kearn is here to simplify options when it comes to making sure you don't lose too much to taxes when we are dealing with an estate. >> an estate basically is all those assets a person accumulates over his or her lifetime so you're talking about your home, your retirement assets, any joint assets. a lot of teem think you put your son or daughter on an account and own it jointly but it's not part of your estate but it is so quickly you can get into a taxable estate due to what's
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going to happen in 2012. >> what's going to happen? >> at the end of 2012, currently we have a $1.2 million estate tax exemption so if you have assets less than that, you're not taxable but at the end of 2012, it's going to revert back to the million dollar level and it's easy to get up to that million dollar level. so again, consider giving, making gifts, get rid of that estate, lower it. it's one of those things that, basically you need to consider what you have and talk to your children and let them know what you have. >> so that's a difficult discussion for many children to have with their parents. any tips on that? >> it is. first thing you need to do is consider talking to them, make a will. of people don't make wills. you have to make your will, have that conversation with your parents, with your children, let
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them know what you have, let them know what assets and how you care to dispose of those assets so making the will is important. with what's slated to consider at the end of 2012, consider making gifts and there are options. >> we will put those up on the screen. you say grant or annuity. >> some of those options, those are things that are beyond the scope of this discussion but consider making gifts. you can give $13,000 per year per person. that doesn't cut into gift tax exemption which is at $5.21 million but could revert back to a million. consider making those gifts. consider making contributions directly if you want to pay a grandchild's tuition or make medical contributions, do it directly or 529 savings plans.
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>> what do you mean medical costs? >> if your grandchild or son or daughter has medical costs, you can make payments directly to a and that'sstitution not a gift prided -- provided you make it directly to a medical institution. so much to consider. how do people get in touch with you? >> 410-828-1961 or go to >> and you can go to for more on that and click on "as seen on." thank you, shelly. the weather may be getting cooler but there's time to take care of the garden. >> my daughter's growing a pumpkin and the pumpkin itself is loaded with stink bugs. >> i'm sure she's not happy with it and neither are the apple
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growers and my tomatoes had an issue. >> i think we will talk about stink bugs coming up.
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>> good morning and welcome to your "sunday gardener" i'm john collins along with carrie engel. last week we talked about lawns and how this is the ideal time to get the weeds out and grass seed down and established and fertilized. one thing we should mention is also it's getting leafy out there and they're coming down and sometimes you want to rake
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them up, sometimes you want to mulch your yard, that's the easy way. ken from baltimore writes, what good does the mulch do, whether it be leaf mulch or grass clippings? >> they feed your lawn or feed your garden so as you break them down, they break down and create nitrogen and fertilizers that your plant uses. it's a great way to add nutrients and texture to your soil because it breaks down and creates air and water spaces helps. >> the stuff you lay down has to be chopped up into tiny bits. >> if you have big old maple leaves just sitting, you'll have brown spots. so take out the mower and go over it with them. if you have leaves in the garden, rake them out, mow them, throw them back. >> in they will decompose eventually. now, something else going on, my
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screens are loaded with stink bugs every night. this is the third wave this year. >> something. they haven't been around enough for us to know everything about them so we are learning a little bit every year but we've learned because we had an earlier spring, they started earlier and crept up on us. >> these guys may winter over. >> they're trying to get in the house. i had some on curtains, they're getting in in pleats of window shades. >> what do you do? >> if you want to spray outside, there are various things. make sure they're labeled. these are new to us. because it's a mid atlantic problem, they weren't all labeled for them. double check the label first. >> also because if you have kids or pets in the house, safe use, how to use it or maybe you
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shouldn't be using it certain situations so read the labels. >> and you don't want the spray to harm the furniture. >> how about something more benign. >> this is a stink bug trap. i used it outside this summer and caught boat loads of stink bugs and they stayed off of my plants. it uses a pheromone to attract the stink bug. >> in the wintertime they're drawn to light so they've taken an l.e.d. light, you can slip over the trap and now instead of being attracted by the pheromone, they're attracted to the light. >> that's why they're on the screens? >> exactly and they usually come in the attic. this works best in a dark area where there's no competing light to attract the stink bugs. they also work well set on the ground or next to a wall so they can crawl in here and not fly in there. >> ok. collect them and throw them out. >> they'll dehydrate in this so
9:27 am
leave them there for a while and then throw them out. >> for veggies still going in the garden, these guys are still sucking away, aren't they? >> i'm sure there's some of that still going on but as it cools off, they've been moving inside and swarming around windows. >> not laying eggs at this stage in the game but if they winter over, they'll be egg layers. >> exactly. >> you don't want them in the house anyway. they stink! >> we've addressed the stink bug problem and talked about lawns again. next sunday, we will talk about the autumn garden on sunday sunday gardener. >> if you have a garden question, send them to sunday gardener, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. can also going on to our website, >> they're not going to bite you, they're not going to bite your pets, they're not going to lie eggs inside your house.
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>> my dog eats them. >> they want to come in and hide for the winter. >> you sound like it's bad for them. >> to me they're like lady bugs. >> they are good eats, sprinkle them on a salad, adds crunch. nothing wrong with the crunch on your salad walking around. >> much more news ahead on 11 news sunday morning. >> crunch time. think you live in a cramped space? >> chilly rain out there right now. we will check the seven-day forecast.
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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking, this is 11 news sunday morning. >> good morning and welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. >> our top stories in a moment. first, tony has a look outside. >> ava was supposed to be here but we kicked her out. >> you took over. you won the arm wrestling contest. >> she was a little out of her weight class. weather-wise, there's a big change out there today.
9:31 am
you've noticed that this morning. it's only 51 at the airport right now and we have a little bit of rain to contend with, a instead, light-to-moderate rain that will stick around for a couple of hours, tapering off late this afternoon. the change in the temperatures is the weather headline. showers off and on today, high temperature about 55. that's 15 degrees below average. in the o's game, starting in the low 50's and by the end of the game probably in the 40's but rain tapering off. we will talk more about that and check the seven-day in a few minutes. >> looking at this morning's top stories, on a day we are used to seeing ravens purple, we're seeing plenty of orioles orange around town, as well, as the o's host their first playoff game at camden yards in 15 years. the orioles square off against the yankees for game one of the a.l. division playoffs tonight. jason hammel takes the hill
9:32 am
against yankees' ace c.c. sabathia. the game time is 6:00. new this morning, baltimore city police investigating an overnight shooting in northeast baltimore. officers received a call just before 4:30 this morning sending them to the 3400 block of dudley avenue where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. state officials are confirming a case of meningitis. nationwide, the centers for disease control and prevention says the outbreak has spread to 60 people across nine states. two of those cases were in maryland, one of them fatal. >> it seems even in tough economic times the real estate market in some cities holding strong and that seems to be the case in london. >> one tiny apartment with one hefty price tag. >> some are compact, others
9:33 am
bijou, there are studios, then there's flat 8-s. nothing quite prepares are you for something so small. this is it, all of it. there is no more. 10'4" by 8'4". >> i can't touch from one side to other without hitting the wall. i am 6'1" tall. and this is the length of the flat. the apartment is a converted porter's toilet and cloak room. it tasks even the estate agent's
9:34 am
vocabulary. >> usual, unique, i would point out the potential refurbishment, the location. >> the original asking price of $145, 000, has been well exceeded. the current top offer is believed to be $280,000 for one simple reason, the old rule, location, location, location. this tiny apartment is in the best part of london and next to the top people's department store, harrod. >> you'll get a hell of a lot of interest. >> the demand for this unique property has been intense, more than 100 viewings, a dozen offers. ironically, the winner is likely to be an investor from greece. more than a quarter of a million
9:35 am
dollars, it's an awful lot of money for not a lot of apartment but if that is what someone will pay for it, then that's what 8-s is worth. cnn, london. >> all right. don't go away. we will be back with more news in a moment. first, here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up, just one month now until election day. romney delivers the week after the first debate and new unemployment rates. has the race taken a new turn? we will cover it all with a special panel including president's senior campaign adviser robert gibbs and newt gingrich and what you haven't heard from arnold schwarzenegger this week. i'll go one-on-one to talk politics and personal failings.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> welcome back, good morning, everyone. the weather. in a couple of days ago it was close to 80 degrees. today we are stuck in the 50's. we have rain to contend with as we start this sunday morning. 51 degrees at the airport and looks like we will stay in that neighborhood through the afternoon. we might add a couple of degrees but 15 degrees below average for this time of year. the setup in the upper levels of the atmosphere, the jet stream digging south to the carolinas. we have these little disturbances running through the jet stream that will produce a couple of chances of rain for us over the next couple of days and one coming through today. 49 in parkton and 49 in
9:39 am
jarrettsville. it may not get out of the 40's in the southern suburbs. south of baltimore, it will probably climb to the upper 50's. the closer to the water, the warmer it will be. but with a solid cloud deck and i doubt if there's sunshine breaking through that, it will be difficult to move temperatures. and we have a nice batch of rain showing up on h.d. doppler along the i-95 corridor, some of the heavier rain in the orange and yellow will stay south of baltimore but light to moderate rain for the next couple of hours, then will taper off with a break in the afternoon and a few more light showers and sprinkles develop in the evening hours. if you're going to the o's game, there could be rain around for the beginning of the game but instead rain the next few hours and tapering off, chilly with a high of 55. if you're going to the game, first couple of innings there could be light showers left and it will be chilly, in the low
9:40 am
50's downtown. by the end of the game, the rain will be gone, skies clearing and turning colder, dropping into the 40's by the late innings so dress warm if you're going to the game. seven-day forecast taking us through the rest of the week, chilly tomorrow with a high of 59. 64 on tuesday, 70 on wednesday and that's probably the warmest day of the week. staying in the 60's all the way through the beginning of next weekend. >> that means it will be perfect for decorating and ani is here with tips to incorporate the latest fall trends. >> yes, i do. every season, i love to do this segment the most because i love fashion and it's so much fun to incorporate hot new trends into home decor. >> change it up a little bit. you say one of the hot trends is leather. let's look at a picture to show how to incorporate leather into your home. >> leather is huge for the fall,
9:41 am
leather leggings, legger jackets but leather is expensive so i'm going to show you inexpensive options on how to incorporate it leather into home decor. these are two seating options from k-mart. a parson's chair, very basic, classic style, $54 new.99, very a bar stole,d their 39.99 from k-mart. >> it's really sturdy, too. i checked out the bar stool. another thing that's popular right now is adding bling to things, sparkle. >> embellishments. >> we are seeing it all over the place. what are easy ways to bring it into the home? >> i love this. it's a very, very fun, cool, bathroom set from sears, from the kardashian line. >> and it happens to be black and purple, ravens. >> go ravens!
9:42 am
these are great. look how cute. these are shower curtain hooks, like jewelry for your bathroom and this collection is 40% off at sears. >> how easy to make a change. paint your bathroom, add this in there, make a small change for a low cost. >> and one-stop shopping, go, buy everything and transform your bathroom. >> neifi -- navy blue is big. it's nice for the fall and winter months to have something like that. you say you can put that in the kitchen? >> navy blue is the new black for fall and easy to incorporate into a table top. here's a pretty dish set. also from k-mart. everything i have on the table are from k-mart, sears or home goods because it's affordable and this is $49.99 for a
9:43 am
16-piece set, black and blue, durable, dishwasher safe. >> something you don't need to do any painting for, black and white. >> very classic color combination, both in fashion and home decor. this collection i found at home goods, it's a houndstooth throw that would look great on a chair or sofa, pair it up with black and white accessories and you have a fresh, updated look for your home in the fall. >> you're not from this area but happened to wear black and orange. go o's. go o's. >> thank you so much. if you'd like to find more tips, go to her website for more tips. up next, in the kitchen for sunday brunch.
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>> welcome back, it's time for sunday brunch and joining us is scott burner from raw sushi. good morning. i have to tell you, your tacos earlier were delicious, the whole staff ate them up. >> i'm glad everyone enjoyed them. >> they did. what are you making now? >> one of our new fall items, kiwi scallops.
9:47 am
it's one of our fall items that runs through november, paired a drink, as well. but we tend to -- you can get it separate or one at a time. it's raw scallops that we slice very thin. we will put those with kiwis, as well. >> it's ok to eat raw scallops? >> it's perfectly fine. you can get them at any grocery store. so he's going to cut up kiwi, as well. >> what an interesting combination, kiwi and scallop. >> it is. i was just telling some people about how the sweetness from the kiwi helps accent the scallops, it's awesome. we cut them really thin and so he's going to go ahead and start plating this, as well. we plate it with a little bit of arugula, baby arugula, and that makes it look like salad but it's considered a shasheemy dish. you can get this at our store
9:48 am
through november. >> this is easy because you don't have to have anything special to add with this, you don't have to have the sushi wraps but it can be a main dish? >> yes. >> it's featured on your menu, too. that looks just like it. >> we will have it available through november and also at the end of this month for halloween we are having our bo-bash, our halloween party. >> what's the date? >> october 31 from 7:00 to midnight, with's deejay and costume contest, $100 for the best costume, food and drink specials. >> that's pretty popular, i bet? >> it's a lot of fun. we have a good time. >> tell me where raw sushi is? >> in the harbor east, 1390 lancaster street. you can get us on facebook or follow us on twitter. >> reservations required? >> we don't take reservations. we do preferred seating so you
9:49 am
can call the restaurant at any time and figure out what that's about. he just finished it with lobster nomoto and fish eggs. >> you'll tell us how to make that? >> it will be on your website. >> thank you. if you would like a copy of today's recipe, log on to our website,, click on food or send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to sunday brunch, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. and stay with us, we will be back with more news after the break. >> i'm greg toland, the orioles get ready for the alds while the ravens get set to take on the chiefs. >> coming up, i have the opportunity to interview dr. dellenua on how the reuben institute at sinai hospital is
9:50 am
saving lives. rachel foote is here to tell us how her hip was saved and we will talk about baltimore's plan to end homelessness. are you ready ?
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>> now, 11 sports. >> when buck showalter has a gut feeling, it's usually worked out pretty well this season. most recently tapping joe saunders to pitch against the rangers in the wild card game. now buck has decided to give the ball to jason hammel in game one of the alds tonight against the yankees even though hammel hasn't started a game in nearly a month because of a nagging knee injury. a great scene at camden yards yesterday, postseason fever everywhere around the ballpark as the team got in a light workout. the orioles won half of their 18
9:53 am
games against the yankees this season so even though new york has the starpower and is used to being here, the birds don't want to play second fiddle to anyone. >> you know, i don't think we are really too concerned here. we are not comparing record throughout the history but this year and we are ready to go and ready to put our team out there against anybody this year. >> baseball fans always root for the underdog and that's how we are perceived but we don't see ourselves that way. we are here for a reason. we're a good baseball team and the guys in the clubhouse know that and we don't care what anybody else thinks. we're going to go out and have fun, lay it all on the line. >> this time of year the ravens usually have attention to themselves but sharing time with the orioles is a good thing and the ravens don't care as long as they keep on winning. their next test is this afternoon against the chiefs in kansas city. the ravens have had a 10-day layoff since their win against the browns. like cleveland, the chiefs aren't very good, at 1-3, but don't tell that to john harbaugh.
9:54 am
the ravens had to fight to the end against the browns and may have to do the same against the chiefs. >> it's not college football. every team in this league is really, really good and if you understand that, you have a chance to find a way to win when you're -- we are a very good team, too. when you understand that, you have a chance to find a way to win games against everybody. if you don't understand that, you have no chance in the league. >> i'm greg toland. i hope you have a great sunday. >> a new example of something you can eat there, the sushi with the scallops and the kiwi. >> i can't do it with these -- you have cheater chopsticks, i like you put the clamp on it and it does it for you. >> that's what forks are for. >> it's going to spill all over. lite just do the seven-day forecast. it's going to be chilly, stuck in the 50's, off-and-on rain showers. if you're going to the o's game tonight, dress warm for football weather.
9:55 am
i think the rain will taper off but by the time we get to the the game, in the 40's. 59 high tomorrow tomorrow, close to 70 on wednesday. all right, come on. >> all right, this it goes. >> there you go. >> good job. and i did check the kansas city forecast, rain and 57 in kansas city. >> no way! i'm sorry. i tried your tacos, they were really good. come on, jennifer. >> no! i'll try the kiwi. raw sushi, harror east and she's was really good with the chopsticks. >> there you go. >> she made me eat an oyster on live tv. no! the pressure's -- i don't have water nearby. >> be a man, show up! >> i can see the hair on your chest right now. >> jennifer! i'm so proud of you. it's ok. it's ok. >> i don't need to barf.
9:56 am
i'm good. >> it's good, isn't it. >> it was delicious. much for coming in. >> go o's and go ravens!
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>> this is a wbal tv-11 editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> it's time to lace up the running shoes and grab your bib number. in just a week, 27,000 runners from around the world will hit the streets of baltimore for the 12th annual baltimore running festival. since its inception in 2001, the race has blossomed to a full morning that features something for everyone ages 1 to 86. from avid runners who log 26.2 miles, to half marathoners, 5-k'ers and the kids fun run, it offers a challenging course and powers tourism in our town. the international field includes runners from 24 countries and every state in the u.s. last year's men champion will return to defend his title and take home the $25,000 prize. the race is expected to generate more than $30 million in economic impact to the city. and an additional million dollars for charity. wbal is proud to be the official television station of the festival and will provide live exclusive coverage. for more information and even to
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sign up to run in the festival, log on to
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